Fit For The Holidays Day 1

Hello and welcome to the first day of Fit For the Holidays! I am so excited to get started! 🙂

If you haven’t yet read the explanation of how the program works or printed out your calendar, click here.

Jump right into it with the first workout to get in a bit of strength building and cardio. If part of you is saying yes and another part is saying no, try getting out your mat and pressing play. I think you will be glad you did! Contact me with any questions and I will see you tomorrow for day 2!


Fit For The Holidays Workout #1
-11 minutes

1) child’s pose
2) ragdoll
3) downward dog
4) halfway lift
5) plank
6) chaturanga
7) upward dog
8) warrior 1
9) warrior 2
10) reverse warrior
11) mountain climbers
12) chair jumping jacks
13) downward dog knee to nose
14) savasana


6 Responses to “Fit For The Holidays Day 1

  • Bethany
    2 years ago

    Kylie!! These are genius!
    I’m going through them again this year! LOVE them and LOVE you!!!

    • Oh my goodness!! You are so sweet Bethany! So happy to hear that you are enjoying the workouts!!! Love you too!!! 😀

  • Bethany
    5 years ago

    Great, quick holiday workout! I looooove the holiday strive here sign! The work out was great. I especially liked the relaxation piece at the end. What a great way to finish! Looking forward to day 2!

    • Thank you so much Bethany! I am so glad you enjoyed the routine and look forward to having you back for day 2! More relaxation to come! 🙂

  • Wow, wasn´t expecting such a guick paced rouine, but it was a nice one! My shoulders still hurt after yesterday workout (Strength building yoga routine) so those mountain climbers were a killer and i was grateful for every downward dog position, but i made it through 😀 Have you got any tips for improving those leg lifts? I can lift my leg only halfway up, but i guess it´s a matter of time till i get there. 🙂 Anyway, have a nice day and see you tommorow for day 2!
    PS: That new SH´s board is just lovely! 😉

    • Hi Bára, thank you! I am so glad you are participating in the Fit For The Holidays Series!

      Oh man, I bet the mountain climbers were super intense for you. Way to push through and thank goodness for downward dog! 🙂

      You are correct, increasing the height of your leg lift will come with time. The more yoga you do, the more flexible your hip flexors and hamstrings will become, allowing your legs to soar with ease. 🙂

      Thank you for your sweet compliments! I hope that you also have a nice day and will definitely see you tomorrow for day 2!

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