Jan 6 – Jan 10 Workout Schedule

Happy Sunday!

I have Strive Here’s first weekly workout schedule for those who are interested in following an itinerary and planning exercise ahead of time. If you have your own workout schedule and are happy with it, great job and keep going! The list of workouts below can be followed to a tee or modified to fit your schedule. If any of the activities listed do not fit your schedule, feel free to do what you have time for, substitute a different video or substitute a similar type of exercise. For example, if the weather is beautiful on Tuesday and you are itching to get outside, follow the workout breakdown and perform your workout outdoors or substitute the video with a run. Best of luck and feel free to contact me with any questions! đŸ™‚

P.S. If you are participating in the Splits Challenge, don’t forget to pencil that in each day in addition to your regular workout.

Below are links to the workouts listed above:

Punch and Kick Workout

All Out Cardio

Pick a ballet video.
Ballet Body Workout
Lengthen and Tone Ballet Workout
Ballet Inspired Workout
Ballerina Body Workout

20 Minute Fat Blasting Cardio

Pick a yoga video.
Total Body Toning Yoga
Hip Opening Yoga
Power Yoga
Cardio Yoga Fusion
Strength Building Yoga
Balance and Strengthen Yoga
Rejuvenating Yoga
Relax and Tone Yoga
Stretch and Strengthen Yoga


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