Move It Monday – Lift and Tighten Ballet

Are you ready to start off your week with an awesome total body toning workout? If so, you are in luck! Lift, tighten, and tone from head to toe with Strive Here’s Lift and Tighten Ballet. Will you move it?


Workout #76
-46 minutes

The poses all depend on the cards but listed below is a list of possible poses:
1) plie releve
2) front leg raise*
3) back leg extension*
4) side leg lift*
5) knee push-up/hold
6) tricep dips/hold
7) rock hard core**

*Perform following exercises with a flexed foot and a pointed foot:
-raise and lower
-tiny circles

**These exercises make up the rock hard core:
-fist to mat tap
-fist to thigh tap/open arms
-overhead tap/”T” arms
-still arms


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