Strive Here’s First Workout Video!

I finally got my videos posted on YouTube in the correct format(victory!) and now on The workout description and workout video are shown below. Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear what would make this whole process easier for you. The plan is to post a new video each weekday. With that being said, enjoy your weekend and I will see you on Monday!


Workout #1
-10 minutes total/2 rounds
-5 exercises
-50 seconds work/10 seconds rest

1) jumping jacks
2) downward dog/tricep push-up/calf raise
3) burpees
4) plank/forearm plank
5) mountain climbers

Complete the video for one round. Play video again for round two. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired! If you are unsure how to perform a certain exercise, watch the demonstration video for that specific exercise.

Demonstration Videos for Workout #1
Jumping Jack
Downward Dog/Tricep Push-Up/Calf Raise
Plank/Forearm Plank
Mountain Climbers


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