Super Cute Workout Gear

Hey guys!

I was talking to my sister yesterday and she gave me a great post idea. It is a little different than my typical posts but I think you guys will like it. 🙂

I always feel more motivated if I happen to have something cute to exercise in. Listed below are five outfits I think are beyond adorable.

  • I really like the peach colored bra paired with light grey capris and super cute striped shoes.

  • This bright combo screams summer and fun! I would love to add this outfit to my wardrobe.

  • Lavender with pops of highlighter yellow. Who wouldn’t want to work out in a field of lavender and lemons?

  • I have a friend who absolutely loves royal blue. (Love you Bethany!) Partner it with coral and we get a winning combination!

  • This outfit pairs coral with a light grey and has a cute back to boot. I actually recently bought the capris and they have quickly become a favorite. Bonus, they were only $19.99 and are actually still in stock if any of you are interested!

Does having cute workout gear increase your motivation? Do you have any favorite workout pieces? I always love good recommendations! 🙂


2 Responses to “Super Cute Workout Gear

  • Bethany
    3 years ago

    Super cute!!!! I love the blue and coral outfit (of course!) And the multi colored lavender pants! Those are awesome!

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