In addition to a mattress and a sleep tracker, Tomorrow Sleep has a sleep system. The system is comprised of a comforter, a plush pillow, a memory foam pillow, a sheet set and a mattress protector. Tomorrow Sleep was kind enough to send us the whole system. We are excited to share our thoughts.

The Tomorrow Sleep comforter is delicious!!! Both Justin and I LOVE getting into bed and feeling like we are sleeping at a fancy hotel. The fact that Justin likes the comforter is kind of a big deal as before we received this comforter, Justin was a quilt man. He demanded a soft quilt that would keep him cool at night. He has adjusted to the comforter life quite seamlessly and appreciates the extra weight and warmth at night. I am also thrilled that the comforter is white as I have always wanted white bedding to bring more light into our bedroom. The only complaint that we have about the comforter is that it has a slight rustle when moved. It is something that we notice when we are getting in and out of bed and has not been an issue during the night.

Neither Justin or I like the plush pillow. While it is constructed nicely and a high-quality product, the pillow is too high for our comfort. I think the pillow would be fabulous if it had less stuffing, allowing the head to rest closer to the mattress. I am considering opening the pillow and removing some of the stuffing.

While the memory foam pillow is closer to being a good fit for me, it is still not quite “my pillow.” On the other hand, Justin really likes the memory foam pillow. He finds it to be the perfect height and density for his comfort preferences.

The first thing I have to mention about the sheet set is the high-quality elastic. The bottom sheet is easy to put on the bed and stays in place thanks to the thick elastic. We appreciate that the sheets are soft and conducive to keeping us cool at night. Like the comforter, the sheets are slightly noisy when getting in and out of bed but have not bothered us when we are sleeping.

The mattress protector is the best one Justin and I have had. It is thin, cool, water resistant and equipped with the same high-quality elastic as the bottom sheet. Check out our video to see the water test for yourself.

Do you have experience with the Tomorrow Sleep System? If so, what are your thoughts? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂


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