Workout #16 Stretch and Strengthen Yoga

Happy Friday everyone!

I am sorry to say that today’s workout might not be ready for viewing until 11PM tonight. The video is uploading but since it is a 30 minute video, it takes HOURS to upload. I went ahead and embedded the video so that when it is finished uploading, we will be good to go!

-It is 11:35PM on Friday night and I just discovered that my upload glitched. I just restarted the upload and hopefully we will have Workout #16 up and running by the morning.
-Saturday morning at 8AM: the video is up and ready to go!

After doing the yoga sequence, you will have strengthened your body, as well as loosened up any tight muscles.

Enjoy and have a great weekend! 🙂

Workout #16
-30 minutes
-Many poses
-No intervals

Follow the video for a 30 minute yoga workout.


2 Responses to “Workout #16 Stretch and Strengthen Yoga

  • Kylie, thanks for all the video’s have been following them since week 1!
    Love your clothing btw and very good interaction with us! keep it going and you’ll be getting more views and comments soon 🙂

    Have an nice weekend.

    • Hi Sarah,

      That is so cool that you have been following the videos since week 1! Thank you so much for the sweet comment as well as the first comment on the website! 🙂

      I hope you had a great weekend and that you have a great week!

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