10 Minute Abs

Hey guys!

I hope that you are all having an awesome day. It has been a beautiful week here and I absolutely love it! Clear blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s and low 80’s. What more could you ask for?

Here is how my sister enjoyed the weather today.

Lounging outside with the animals. In her words, “picnicking without food.” I’m so jealous!

When we were younger, my sister and I used to make blanket pallets on the trampoline and lie there chatting and enjoying the weather. We also did the same thing in colder weather which was super fun because then we got to be all bundled up and there is just something about crisp cool air that makes things more exciting. Anyone else do anything similar?

Onwards and forwards to today’s quick ab workout. 10 minutes, 1 round and you are DONE! šŸ™‚

I am off to film tomorrow’s yoga video so that I can post at a decent time. Have a wonderful day!

Workout #25
-10 minutes total/1 round
-10 exercises
-50 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest

1) hand and knee side crunch right
2) hand and knee side crunch left
3) leg climb right
4) leg climb left
5) open and close
6) up and out plank right
7) up and out plank left
8) side dip right
9) side dip left
10) x-abs

Complete the video for a quick 10 minute ab workout. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired! If you are unsure how to perform a certain exercise, watch the demonstration video for that specific exercise.

Demonstration Videos for Workout #25
Hand and Knee Side Crunch
Leg Climb
Open and Close
Up and Out Plank
Side Dip


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