Balance and Strengthen Yoga

Happy Friday!

Below is the last of this week’s weekday inspiration pictures. I just realized this morning that while I posted Thursday’s inspiration photo on Facebook and Instagram, I totally forgot to add it to yesterday’s post. If you are interested in checking it out, head over to the Strive Here Facebook page or Instagram account.

Want to both improve your balance and strengthen your muscles while toning your entire body? Check all three off your list after you complete today’s yoga routine. I included poses that are difficult for me and therefore, I often choose to exclude them when I practice yoga. I know, I know, not exactly helping me expand my library of poses. I decided to include said poses in today’s workout even though I often fall over, need to open up my chest a bit more, straighten my leg and bend further. The name, perfect yogi, is not used to describe me. I am a student, learning as I go. I hope that by sharing my struggles and weaknesses with you, you will see that I am just like everyone else. I am practicing to strengthen my body, increase my flexibility, clear my mind and push my limits. Let’s do this together!

Workout #31
-35 minutes
-Many poses
-No intervals

Follow the video for a 35 minute yoga workout.


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