Ballet Body Workout

I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

As of lately, I have been loving ballet workouts. As a result of my ballerina love, I have yet another ballet workout for you guys.

Channel your inner ballerina and plie, tendu and passe your way to a lean sculpted body.

Workout #44
-30 minutes
-13 exercises (14 if you include the jump switch between exercises)
-30-100 reps of each exercise

1) plie
jump and switch
2) tendu rear leg lift (R)
jump and switch
3) tendu rear leg lift (L)
jump and switch
4) plie squat alternating leg passe
jump and switch
5) shuffle rear leg lift
jump and switch
6)forward taps
jump and switch
7) backward taps
jump and switch
8) plie hold
jump and switch
9) arm and opposite leg lift
10)bridge on toes hold
11) supine criss cross
12) supine open and close
13) supine turned out leg lift

Watch the video for a complete workout that will tone and lengthen the muscles in 30 minutes. Feel free to complete more than once if desired.


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