Burpee Burn and Burpee Education

Hello all!

I hope your Thursday has been wonderful and that you are ready to get your burpee on. 🙂
Note: The workout is still uploading. YouTube estimates that it will be ready to go at around 10:30PM central time.

When researching different burpee variations, I discovered that I have been cheating (I am ashamed :-() when doing a standard burpee. I cannot believe that I have been doing the move incorrectly for so long.

Let me explain.

What I thought a burpee was:
1) squat
2) jump back into plank
3) jump feet forward to hands
4) stand up and jump up with arms reaching for the ceiling

What a standard burpee actually is:
1) squat
2) jump back into plank and let body briefly hit the ground (this is the part I was unaware of)
3) jump feet forward to hands
4) stand up and jump up with arms reaching for the ceiling

There is a ton of conflicting information out there so I contacted my cousin who is a CrossFit coach and she cleared things up. Thank you Courtney!

All that being said, from now on, I will be doing a standard burpee the correct way which I have discovered is quite difficult. Although the move is challenging, I did my best and am looking forward to improving. I appreciate the fact that the correct standard burpee engages the arms, shoulders and chest more than the version that does not include touching the body to the ground.

You learn something new everyday. I hope you enjoy today’s workout. Let me know what you think!

And for today’s workout breakdown:

Workout #20 Burpee Blitz
-rep challenge
-untimed/ 10 exercises/ 10 reps of each exercise

1) standard burpee
2) right legged burpee
3) left legged burpee
4) x legs burpee
5) candlestick burpee
6) lateral jump burpee
7) tuck jump burpee
8) right side burpee
9) left side burpee
10) dumbbell lift burpee

Watch the video once through to learn each exercise and complete the workout. If our paces aren’t matching up, feel free to do the exercises on your own.


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