Butt Kicking Tabata


I hope everyone’s Monday is going well!

To jump-start your metabolism and have it burning long afterwards, complete at least one round of today’s Butt Kicking Tabata Workout. You will alternate between performing high knees and jump kicks (which are a lot of fun). I had to cut the workout video more than I care to admit today due to poor coordination when demonstrating jump kicks and then again when starting jump kicks during the workout. For some reason, this occurs much more often when I am trying to kick with my left leg. Once I kick gracelessly a couple of times, I am usually able to get and stay on track for the rest of that round. Awkwardness aside, I really enjoyed the workout and I hope you do too. Remember to give it your all and while 20 seconds may feel like forever, remind yourself that it is only 20 seconds and it will come to an end. You are capable of much more than you realize and by giving your all during the 20 second intervals, you are ensuring that you get the most out of your workout.

Give it a try and improve your butt while kicking tabata’s butt!

Workout #32
-4 minutes total/2 rounds of the 4 exercises listed below
-20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest

1) high knees
2) jump kick (R)
3) high knees
4) jump kick (L)

Complete the video giving your all for one tabata. Feel free to do more than one tabata if desired but make sure you listen to your body and slow down if needed.


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