You have narrowed it down to one of many mattress companies online and now you have another decision to make, which mattress from that particular company is the right one? In this case, you are looking into buying a mattress from Casper. You might have even been ready to pull the trigger and purchase your mattress when you discover that Casper offers three mattresses, THREE! How in the world do you decide which mattress is right for your back and for your wallet? The Essential, the Casper or the Wave? Each mattress has something to offer, let’s dive right in and see which mattress has the qualities you are looking for.

Casper’s Essential mattress is an economical option, the Casper mattress the middle of the road option and, the Wave mattress, the premium option. The essential costs $725 for a king size mattress while the Casper costs $1195 and the Wave $2395. The Essential has three foam layers and is 8.5 inches tall, the Casper has four foam layers and is 10 inches tall and the Wave has five foam layers and is 11.5 inches tall. The additional foam layers and depth of the layers appear to be the reason for the higher price point.

Mattress Cover
Each mattress has a unique cover.

    • Essential

The Essential’s cover reminds me of a cozy sweatshirt, soft and a bit plush. The cover zips off making it easy to wash. I really like that the cover is navy blue, making it more difficult for stubborn stains to shine. Justin loves that the edges of the Essential are seamless, allowing him to hang his feet off the edge in comfort.

    • Casper

The Casper’s cover is navy blue/gray on the sides and white on the top, with cording around the edges. The white top is soft, plush, stretchy and cool to the touch.

    • Wave

The Wave’s cover is very different from the other two, it is white on the top and fades into a light gray towards the bottom of the mattress. Like the Casper, the cover is cool to the touch and, like the Essential, the Wave has seamless edges. Justin says that the cover reminds him of a new athletic sock; smooth, plush and with wicking ability.

While it is convenient that each cover zips off for washing, Justin and I have never had to use this feature since we use a mattress cover to protect our mattresses. In addition to the outer cover, each mattress has what appears as an inner cover, or a fire sock. We cut open the fire socks to get up close and personal to the foam layers.

Foam Layers

    • Essential

The Essential is comprised of three foam layers standing 8.5 inches tall. Each layer is homogeneous from the head to the foot of the mattress.

-top foam

-memory foam

-support foam

    • Casper

The Casper is comprised of four foam layers standing 10 inches tall. The second layer from the bottom is zoned, the middle third of the foam is firmer than the other thirds at the head and foot of the bed, with the hope of providing your hips with extra support.

-open cell foam

-memory foam

-zoned transition foam

-support foam

    • Wave

The Wave is comprised of five foam layers standing 11.5 inches tall. The bottom layer of foam has open contours on the head and foot of the mattress. Above the base layer is a foam with a polymer network. In the middle of the mattress, the foam is contoured. In those contours, there is a firm gel. These features are included to, like the Casper, provide your hips with extra support. Check out our video to see for yourself.

-flo foam

-latex foam

-memory foam

-foam with polymer network

-support foam with contouring


The following descriptions are based on our initial impressions of each mattress. The photos show the compression of the foam while Justin is lying on each mattress.

    • Essential

Right out of the box, the Essential is my favorite mattress. The cover is so cozy and the mattress feels softer than the other two and I really like that as it allows my body to sink in a bit. Justin also found the mattress comfortable while lying down but if he bounced on it or stood up on his knees, he found himself reaching the floor quickly. We discuss this a bit further in the video.

    • Casper

The Casper mattress feels firmer than the Essential, Justin has to work harder to hit the ground when bouncing on the mattress. I find the mattress comfortable but not as cozy as the Essential as my body does not really sink into the mattress at all.

    • Wave

The Wave mattress feels the firmest to me. At 3 inches taller than the Essential, Justin wore himself out trying to hit the ground on the Wave. I felt like the Princess and the Pea on top of all those layers!


Each mattress popped out of the box with a strong smell. We let them air out for a day and believe that the smell will dissipate over time.

At first introduction, Justin and I found all three mattresses to be comfortable. Justin is in awe that I like the Essential so much, especially because when comparing prices for a king size mattress, it is 39% cheaper than the Casper and 69% cheaper than the Wave. Will the first impression opinions hold true? Only time will tell. Justin and I will sleep on each mattress for one week and at the end of the three week period, we will report back with an update. See our mattress plan below:

Week 1

Justin- Casper

Kylie- Essential

Week 2

Justin- Essential

Kylie- Wave

Week 3

Justin- Wave

Kylie- Casper

Here’s our week 1 setup!

Do you have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 We have all three mattresses and are happy to answer your questions and for video requests.

Talk to you guys soon! 🙂


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