Hey guys! Did any of you purchase a new mattress in 2015? If so, what kind did you buy and what do you think of it? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Thanks to those of you have left feedback in the past as it wonderful to hear a variety of opinions and much appreciated by many of you guys, our readers! For those of you still contemplating mattresses, maybe we can help! We have another mattress comparison post for you guys!

Let’s dive right in to get the lowdown on the Casper mattress vs the Kiss mattress!

Mattress Cover
The Casper mattress and Kiss mattress both have very nice yet different mattress covers.

The Casper’s inner cover is like a fitted bottom sheet as it covers the top and sides of the mattress, cupping around the bottom edges without covering the entire thing. See the bottom of the mattress in the photo below.

The inner cover of the Kiss mattress is also like a fitted bottom sheet, molding very well to the mattress. The following photo also shows the bottom of the mattress.

Air Flow
The Kiss mattress has a greater number of holes drilled into it than the Casper mattress. Additionally, the holes in the Kiss mattress are larger than the ones found in the Casper mattress. Both of these factors likely contribute to the greater air flow found in the Kiss mattress.

Foam Layers
Check out the foam layers of each mattress:

The Casper is made up of 7″ of dense base foam, 1.5″ of 4 pound high density memory foam, and 1.5″ of dunlop latex foam. The photo shows that the total foam height is roughly 9.25″.

7″ of base foam, 1.5″ of float memory foam, and 1.5″ of latex foam are layered on top of one another to create the Kiss mattress. After unboxing, the mattress measured right at 10″.

Both Casper and Kiss note that the top layers of their mattresses sport cooling properties. Justin and I found that the Kiss is cooler than the Casper. That being said, the Casper is not at all hot as it is also cool to the touch but when compared to the Kiss mattress, the Kiss wins.

After lying, rolling, falling and bouncing on both mattresses, Justin and I discovered that the Kiss mattress is softer than the Casper. Because we did a sink test in our comparison of the Casper and Leesa mattresses, we decided to include one in this post as well. Justin used a level, a 20 pound weight and each of our bodyweights to test the level of sinkage for each mattress. Check out the results below:

  • 20 pound weight- the Kiss sank significantly further
  • Kylie’s bodyweight- the Kiss sank significantly further
  • Justin’s bodyweight- the Kiss sank significantly further

The results back our speculation that the Kiss mattress is softer than the Casper mattress.

Straight out of the box, a smell could be detected from both mattresses. After additional time to air out, the smells dissipated leaving us with sweet smelling dreams.

Motion Transfer
Justin performed a “collapse on the bed” test. If you would like to check it out, you can watch us during our comparison video here. We discovered that both the Casper and the Kiss have about the same amount of motion transfer.

Alright, the stats are out! While there are many similarities between the Casper mattress and the Kiss mattress, there are also significant differences between the two. We hope this comparison is helpful during your mattress search!

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Do you have experience with the Kiss or the Casper mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

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