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Hi, guys! I hope mattress hunting is going well for you as I know it can be overwhelming. If you have been looking into the Jupiter+ (previously Eight Sleep) mattress, Justin and I have slept on the mattress for 30 nights and are here to divulge the details. 🙂

Mattress Cover
The Jupiter+ mattress has a soft white cover that is very stretchy and springs back to shape. The cover glides smoothly over the mattress edges, providing a comfortable resting spot if your heels happen to runneth over the edge. 🙂 The cover is not removable.

Foam Layers
The Jupiter+ mattress is 10 inches tall and constructed of four foam layers, each serving a specific purpose to make your night as comfortable as possible.

  • Top Layer: 2 inches of reactive foam. Eight says the foam bounces like latex but feels like foam. The top layer was created to provide comfort and keep you cool.
  • Top Middle Layer: 2 inches of contouring memory foam. Contours your body while relieving pressure.
  • Bottom Middle Layer: 2 inches of supportive transition foam. Included to provide comfort and distribute weight.
  • Bottom Layer: 4 inches of high-density support foam. A durable base that provides stability and firmness.

As stated above, the Jupiter+ mattress cover is not removable. Justin and I were dying to see the inside for ourselves so we used a seam ripper to open up the mattress. Check out the photos below to see for yourself!

Photo Credit: Eight Sleep

Both Justin and I slept well on the Jupiter+ mattress. We did not experience any discomfort from the initial adjustment period and continued to sleep well for the entire 30 days. Justin is excited about the sleep data we collected as it will allow us to compare our quality of sleep from mattress to mattress. A typical night of sleep for me has me on my side, back and stomach. Something that I really like about the Jupiter+ mattress is the support and love it gives when I am on my back. I feel like an army of little men holding the coziest of pillows has been strategically placed under me. The most highly trained men are stationed in my pressure point areas leaving me feeling almost weightless.

New mattresses come with a new smell. The Jupiter+ mattress was not an exception. The smell dissipated quickly and did not pose any issues for us.

Motion Transfer
The Jupiter+ mattress is a great mattress for those who are worried about motion transfer. When Justin and I threw ourselves down on the bed next to the other, very little movement was transferred. Check out our review video to see the test in action. During our sleep trial, we did not notice movement from the other person. Often times, Justin gets in bed after I am already asleep. In the morning, I always find myself asking Justin what time he went to bed as I never notice when he joins me.

Sleep Data
We used two sleep trackers to gather data while sleeping on the Eight Sleep mattress. The Eight Sleep tracker for both of us plus the ResMed S+ for Justin. See our average sleep scores below.

Eight Sleep tracker:
Justin: 66.24 out of 100
Kylie: 66.07 out of 100

Resmed S+: 81 out of 100

These values will become more useful as we continue to track our sleep on other mattresses. We will then be able to compare values from mattress to mattress.

Justin and I really like the Jupiter+ mattress. We will be back soon to give you guys more details about our experience with the Eight Sleep tracker! 🙂

Are you currently on the fence about whether you need a new bed? Eight Sleep offers a free old bed test kit. The kit includes a body impression ruler, a string and a guide to understanding whether it is time to replace your bed.

Do you have experience with the Jupiter+ mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

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For those of you interested in the tiniest of details. Check out the mattress tags below.

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