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Eight Sleep recently reached out to Justin and me to see if we had any interest in trying out their mattress and sleep tracker mattress cover. We researched the company as well as both products and became super excited about the prospect of trying out the mattress and cover! The mattress is made up of four foam layers, with the layer second from the top being memory foam. The smart mattress cover is like nothing we have ever heard of. The cover is controlled through an app that you download on your smartphone. Some of the available features are: sleep tracking, data trends, sleep experiments, bed warming, smart alarm, white noise player and integration with other smart home systems. To find out additional details check out the features page of the Eight Sleep website.

At this point, we have simply unboxed and set up the products in our home. After getting to use the items and get a good feel for them, we will be back with a detailed review video. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out. 🙂

Are you currently on the fence about whether you need a new bed? Eight Sleep offers a free old bed test kit. The kit includes a body impression ruler, a string and a guide to understanding whether it is time to replace your bed.

Do you have experience with the Jupiter+ mattress or mattress tracker? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? The cover?

If you are familiar with Eight Sleep and are ready to buy, you can currently get $50 OFF AN EIGHT SLEEP MATTRESS. Enter promo code STRIVEHERE at checkout.

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