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How well do you sleep? How long do you sleep? Do you know what temperature you sleep best at? If someone asked me these questions a couple of months ago I would have said that I sleep well, the length of my sleep varies and that I like a cold sleep environment. Justin and I received a sleep tracker from Eight Sleep and it has helped me to better understand my sleep as well as my sleep environment. My current answer to the above questions is that I sleep well, I typically sleep between 7 and 8 hours each night and while I like a cold room, I like a warm bed. This is information I gleaned from the Eight Sleep tracker.

Are you looking to learn more about how well you sleep and how it affects your life? The Eight Sleep tracker might be just what you are looking for. In addition to tracking your sleep, the sleep tracker has a warming feature, a smart alarm, a white noise function as well as the ability to connect with IFTTT integrated devices. These features can be accessed through the Eight Sleep app on your smartphone.

Mattress Cover

The sleep tracker system is a cover that fits any mattress up to 20 inches tall. There is a connection point for the technology hub at the top left corner of the mattress. Simply plug the hub into the mattress cover and the wall.

A plush layer sits on top of heating elements and sleep tracking sensor bands.

Sleep Tracking

The Eight Sleep tracker gathers the following data:

  • hours slept
  • time in bed
  • time out of bed
  • time woke up
  • time fell asleep
  • percentage of light and deep sleep
  • number of tosses and turns
  • breaks
  • heart rate
  • respiratory rate
  • average bed temperature
  • average room temperature

The data above is used to calculate your sleep score out of 100. The app shows 7 day averages and 30 day averages for your sleep score, hours slept, tosses and turns as well as your deep sleep percentage. It is neat to look at the data and compare it to what was going on in your life at the time. For example, I like to see how well I slept after exercising more vigorously or eating dinner later than I typically do.

Bed Warming

My favorite part about the Eight Sleep tracker is the warming feature! From the Eight Sleep app, you can independently warm each side of the bed. These Texans thoroughly enjoyed getting into a warm bed during our first Utah winter. The app allows you to choose a warmth level from 1 to 10 and set how long you would like your bed to be heated. Are you a super cold sleeper? The warming feature can stay on for up to 10 hours!

Smart Alarm

The Eight Sleep smart alarm wakes you during your lightest sleep cycle to make it easier to rise and shine. 🙂

Relaxing Sounds

In the Eight Sleep app, you will find a variety of relaxing sounds. Choose your favorite to wind down or play while you sleep.

  • ambient sunset
  • beach waves
  • crackling campfire
  • jungle rain
  • midnight rainstorm
  • night critters
  • pink noise
  • song birds
  • white noise
  • wind chimes

Smart Features

Eight is equipped with IFTTT (if this then that). Connect any smart home product to your Eight Sleep tracker and create automated triggers to streamline your morning and evening routines. For example, you can automate your bedroom lights to slowly dim until they turn off as you drift to sleep. You can also set your thermostat to lower the room temperature as you get in bed and raise the room temperature when you rise. Are you a coffee drinker? How does it sound to have your coffee start brewing the moment you wake up? These scenarios and more are possible when you have an Eight Sleep tracker.

Sleep Lab

The Eight Sleep app features a sleep lab. In the sleep lab there is an energy experiment. The experiment is a week long and gathers information on your energy levels throughout the day. Eight then compares your energy levels to your sleep duration each night and gives you a report with insight into the length of sleep that gives you the most energy.

Do you have experience with the Eight Sleep tracker? If so, what are your thoughts? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

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