Exercise Video #3 Third Times a Charm

The filming of workout #3 went smoothly today. I am getting the hang of this! =]

I hope you guys enjoy today’s workout. My favorite exercise is the downward dog turnover. If you are apprehensive about trying the move, start by lying on your back and pushing up into wheel (many of us called this bridge when we were younger). From there, try turning over into downward dog. When you feel strong enough, start in downward dog (you can ask someone to spot you on your first attempt, it is a great confidence booster) and turn over into wheel. How do you feel about downward dog turnover?

Weird tidbit: I adore exclamation marks and it took everything in me not to add one to the end of my title. Anyone else an exclamation mark lover out there?

Happy day!


Workout #3
-16 minutes total/2 rounds
-8 exercises
-50 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest

1) traveling squat bicep curl
2) dolphin plank/dolphin pose
3) warrior 3 deadlift shoulder press right leg
4) burpee x-legs
5) warrior 3 deadlift shoulder press left leg
6) downward dog turnover
7) swimmer’s kick
8) tricep dip alternate leg raise

Complete the video for one round. Play video again for round two. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired! If you are unsure how to perform a certain exercise, watch the demonstration video for that specific exercise.

Demonstration Videos for Workout #3
Traveling Squat Bicep Curl
Dolphin Plank/Dolphin Pose
Warrior 3 Deadlift Shoulder Press
Burpee X-Legs
Downward Dog Turnover
Swimmer’s Kick
Tricep Dip Alternate Leg Raise


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