Fit For The Holidays Day 2

Happy Tuesday! Are you ready for day 2 of Fit For the Holidays? I hope so!

Workout 2 is another quick power yoga routine that will have you on and off your mat in 11 minutes! Unless you choose to stay is savasana for longer, and for that, I don’t blame you one bit!

Best of luck and thanks for coming back for day 2!


Fit For The Holidays Workout #2
-11 minutes

1) mountain pose
2) halfway lift
3) plank
4) chaturanga
5) upward dog
6) downward dog
7) push-up
8) low lunge
9) crescent lunge
10) downward dog squat
11) crescent lunge to chair pose
12) crescent twist
13) savasana


4 Responses to “Fit For The Holidays Day 2

  • Bethany
    5 years ago

    Great holiday workout #2! The lunge to chair pose was unique! Hadn’t done that before. Your workouts are always so creative! And again I loved the relaxation piece at the end! Perfect for holiday stress!

    • Bethany, I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed Fit For the Holidays Day 2! I am so glad the workout served you well. Thank you so much for your sweet words! 🙂

  • Well, this was a little bit too quick for me – what a surprise 😀 I was always inhaling when I was supposed to be exhaling, I was falling down in the crescent twist (which I found funny, actually :D) and wasn´t able to relax… I know it´s a power yoga, but.. Well, I´ve discovered I need something slower – spend more time in each position, feel the blood flowing, clear my mind. The difference of 5-10 minutes is like nothing 🙂 Anyway, that´s just my oppinion and my needs, it doesn´t mean this workout wasn´t good – i could definitely feel my legs during those chair poses and lunges and the downward dog push-ups were great as well. So I´m looking for tommorow and the 3. Fit for the holydays yoga workout! 😉

    • Bára, that is totally how I felt when I first experienced a yoga class paced this fast. I am glad you felt like you still got a good workout in but sorry you weren’t able to relax. Because the Fit For the Holiday videos are short and sweet, you can expect to find more quick videos coming your way. When I have the time, I also enjoy a bit of a slower flow where I am able to hold poses a bit longer. If you have time, I think you might like:
      Hip Opening Yoga:
      Mood Boosting Yoga:
      Relax and Tone Yoga:

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I always appreciate knowing how my workouts fit or don’t fit different people’s needs. 🙂

      P.S. Haha, Fit For the Holydays! You are so clever!

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