Fit For The Holidays Day 4

Happy Thursday and Day 4 of Fit For the Holidays!

How are you guys feeling after 3 straight days of yoga? Are you starting to feel stronger? More confident? Are you starting to look forward to your yoga practice each day? These are all feelings that pop up for me when I practice yoga for a specified number of days. It feels pretty wonderful! 🙂

Day 4 brings us another fun routine! Like I mention in the video, one word to describe a recurring theme in today’s video is dolphin. I hope you are ready to work hard and have fun!

Before signing off, I would like to share another favorite holiday tradition with you guys, picking out a Christmas tree. My husband and I go together and love walking through a gathering of trees, inhaling their woodsy scent as we go. One day I would love to live close to a Christmas tree farm so that we can cut down our own tree. If such place is colder than Texas and has snow at said farm, I will be in heaven! Are any of you guys lucky enough to partake in my dream experience?

If you don’t mind, I would love for you to share another one of your favorite holiday traditions! 🙂


Fit For The Holidays Workout #4
-10 minutes

1) forward fold
2) halfway lift
3) plank
4) chaturanga
5) upward dog
6) downward dog
7) downward dog lift leg
8) dolphin
9) dolphin leg lift (closed hip)
10) dolphin leg lift (open hip)
11) dolphin plank twist
12) dolphin plank hover circle
13) dolphin plank alternate shoulder tap
14) savasana


5 Responses to “Fit For The Holidays Day 4

  • Bethany
    5 years ago

    That was a tough one! I need to remember not to do dolphin planks on carpet. Ouch!
    I wish Paul wasn’t allergic so we could get a real christmas tree every year! I love the smell too! 🙂

    • Oh no! I remember when you got carpet burn last time. 🙁 I’m sorry!

      Maybe you can stick with some essential oil and a cotton ball to get the Christmas tree smell! 😉

  • Hi Kiley!
    I had thought 10 minutes workout will be a piece of cake – oh how I was wrong! Those dolphins…I still don’t know what do i have to think about them 😀 My shoulders and upper back were on fire, not even speaking about my abs – there were moments when I was tempted to give up! Funny what a 10 minutes workout can do to you 😀 (and I was used to do HIIT workouts by BodyRock.TV, so I wouldn’s say I´m out of shape 😉 )
    I live in a smaller village on north-east of Czech Republic (in Jeseníky Mountains), so we don´t have there any christmas tree markets – if you want to buy a christmas tree, you must go to some bigger city, or simply cut it on your own in the woods – which is prohibited, but a lot of people still do it.
    My family has an artificial christmas tree – it doesn’t smell nice (it simply doesn´t smell at all), but on the other hand it doesn’t make a mess, which appreciate mainly my mother 😀
    As you share one of your other favourite holiday traditions, I would share one of mine too: I love watching Christmas stories – or reading them. With a huge cup of hot tee, under fuzzy blanket, smelling the vanilla and cinnamon as my grandma bakes the cookies… Mmm 🙂

    So.. Thank you for a great (and tough!) workout again and have a nice day! 🙂

    • Oh god, I wrote your name wrong! I’m so sorry! 😀

    • Hi Bára!

      Don’t you even worry about my name! It is hard to spell.

      Haha, you’re undecided how you feel about the dolphins, eh? 😉 I hope you don’t form a dolphin hating relationship and instead appreciate what they can do to tone your body. It sounds like they gave you quite the run around and where some might have given up, you powered through. Way to go!!! Maybe I should rename the video “10 Minutes of Dolphin Fun.” 😉

      I am so jealous of your home terrain! I googled the Jeseniky Mountains and they look GORGEOUS! Do you get to go skiing very often? Artificial trees are definitely fun too! You are right, not having a million pine needles scattered throughout your house is a huge plus! I have already been finding them everywhere! That is really interesting that cutting down a tree in the woods is prohibited but many people do it anyways. I love learning about ways of life in other areas of the world.

      Thanks so much for sharing another favorite holiday tradition of yours! You described such a nice experience! It can’t get much better than Christmas stories, hot tea, fuzzy blankets and the smell of cookies! Yum!

      Thanks again for your comment Bára!:-)

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