Fit Friday – Cardio, Ab, Butt and Leg Workout with Music

Happy Happy Friday!!!!

I am SO very excited about today’s workout and hope that you enjoy it! Seriously, I am so pumped! 🙂 The routine will not only strengthen and tone your body but will also work your lungs and heart as it includes cardio in between each strength exercise. I added some energizing music to the video and hope that you find it motivating and energizing. Expect to move fast, break a sweat and have fun!

Note: I opted not to use a mat for the floor exercises because I didn’t want to put my dirty shoes on mine. Not my best idea as I totally could have used a little cushion on the hard ground and some grip to help prevent me from sliding around. Clean or functional? Clean or functional? I think I will go with functional next time and wash my mat afterward!

I’d love to hear what you think of the workout. Send your comments and suggestions my way!

A little off topic but just as important: I appreciate each and every one of you who is reading this post. Thank you for your continuing love and support of both myself and Strive Here. I love you guys so much!


Workout #93
-27 minutes

1) 100 criss cross/20 squats
2) dolphin plank
3) 100 jumping jacks/20 squats
4) dolphin plank lift
5) 100 high knees/20 squats
6) dolphin plank twist
7) 100 butt kicks/20 squats
8) dolphin plank x-legs
9) 100 criss cross/20 squats
10) dolphin plank pulley
11) 100 jumping jacks/20 squats
12) dolphin plank side crunch
13) 100 high knees/20 squats
14) dolphin plank hip tap
15) 100 butt kicks/20 squats
16) dolphin plank side to side lift


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