Heart Pumping Yoga

Hello all of you wonderful people!

Have you guys been having a great day so far? I hope so.

It is a gorgeous day here. The sun is shining and it is 59 degrees out. Perfect for spending time outdoors or for opening the windows and enjoying the fresh air and sounds of nature. Maybe you feel like doing some yoga outside. If so, it is your lucky day because a new yoga routine is what I have for you! Whether you complete the sequence indoors or out, you will get the heart pumping and blood flowing. Make it through the whole routine and you will feel energized with a sense of zen.

Get your yoga on and reap the benefits! 🙂

Workout #56
-49 minutes

Included Poses
-downward dog
-downward dog/jump and lift both feet off the ground
-right angle pose
-revolved right angle pose
-plank jump right, center and left
-right angle pose/reach forward
-triangle pose
-revolved triangle pose
-triangle pose hands behind back/lean forward
-side plank crunch
-high knees
-downward dog/ bend knee
-downward dog/ knee to outside elbow, nose and opposite elbow
-knee to ankle
-hamstring stretch
-hip stretch


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