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Hi guys! Justin and I just finished our personal sleep trial (we like to give each mattress a good 30 days) on the iKrema SuperPedic mattress and are excited to share the results!


Mattress Cover

The iKrema mattress sports a smooth white cover with an elegant design. The cover is slightly plush and the white portion travels over the edges of the mattress providing a comfortable spot for your feet if you happen to sleep with them hanging over the edge. The cover is removable but it is not recommended that you put it through your washer and dryer. Underneath the outer cover is a fire sock. It is very much like a thin fitted sock.


Foam Layers

The iKrema SuperPedic mattress is a 10 inch mattress made up of 3 foam layers.

  • Top Layer: 1.5 inches of 4 pound density memory foam- provides comfort and minimizes movement transfer.
  • Middle Layer: 1.5 inches of 3 pound density memory-tex foam- buoyant and springy like latex.
  • Bottom Layer: 7 inches of high density foam- provides support for the weaker areas of your body.

Ahhhh, now for my favorite part! After unzipping the outer cover, Justin cut open the fire sock to allow us to examine the foam layers. Check out the photos below!



A new mattress equals a new smell. The iKrema mattress had an initial odor when we unboxed it that became weaker over time. We were not bothered by the smell when sleeping. At the time of this review, we had to “dive” face first into the mattress to locate the odor.


Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is super important for those who sleep with someone other than themselves. Yes, your pet totally counts! Justin and I found the iKrema mattress to be great in this department. Justin is similar to a night owl giant in that he almost always comes to bed after me and he falls into bed. Yep, no easing down slowly for my hubby. If I happen to be reading, I am always amazed at how roughly he gets into bed and dumbfounded as to how I do not wake up when he does the same thing when I am sleeping. Check out our review video to see the fall test that we performed.

Sleep Data

We used two sleep trackers to gather data while sleeping on the iKrema mattress. The Eight Sleep tracker for both of us plus the ResMed S+ for Justin. See our average sleep scores below.

Eight Sleep tracker:
Justin: 69.49 out of 100
Kylie: 69.88 out of 100

Resmed S+: 85.5 out of 100

These values will become more useful as we continue to track our sleep on other mattresses. We are looking forward to comparing values from mattress to mattress.

Do you have experience with the iKrema mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂


Promo Codes

If you are familiar with iKrema and ready to buy, you can currently get $50 OFF the SuperPedic mattress and $250 OFF the MaxComfortPedic mattress.

DISCOUNT CODES: Please note that each time someone uses one of our promo codes, we are compensated for our referral. We offer our honest opinion and do not promote products that we don’t like ourselves. 🙂

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