Kiss Mattress Unboxing

Greetings from a one bedroom apartment with FOUR mattresses!

Let me explain. Justin and I were presented with the opportunity to receive a queen Kiss mattress in exchange for an honest product review. We very much enjoyed experiencing both the Leesa and the Casper mattresses and as some of you might know, have had a very difficult time making a decision on which mattress we like best. That being said, we are really hoping that the Kiss mattress turns out to be loved by the both of us because sleeping with a crack in the middle of the bed is getting old! I am embarrassed to say that it has been 7 months now. Yikes!

Watch the video below to get the details! We have “Kiss vs Casper” and “Kiss vs Leesa” posts in the works so you can be looking for those sometime soon.

Do you have experience with the Kiss mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

*We vow to only post honest product reviews, expressing our unbiased thoughts and feelings about a product. All opinions are our own.


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  • Hi, I noticed you live in the general area of Houston my wife and I do and get to deal with the humidity and heat most of the year as well. I know you probably don’t have a decision made yet, but was curious when you might have some pros and cons from both of you on the different mattresses and how they work for warm, humid climates like ours?

    My pregnant wife can’t stand our mattress so I’m trying to find a solution sooner than later. I know that with the Kiss mattress compared to the other two, your experience will be different as foam (and foam/latex hybrid) mattresses have bad edge support which, sleeping with them side by side, will have a negative impact on your experiences compared to the queen size Kiss mattress if you guys like to sleep close together like my wife and I do.

    Also, I’m not sure if you were aware, but if you feel the Casper is too firm, they have a program in place where they will send you a complimentary topper in order to increase the softness.

    Thanks for the videos you’ve done so far! I’m hoping you can provide some insight (maybe even just a few points in a response here until you make a final decision) on these different offerings as an unhappy pregnant wife is not good for my health.

    • Oh goodness Benjamin. I’m so sorry we haven’t replied sooner as you and your wife could have a brand new baby by now. Congratulations to the both of you! I really hope that you guys have found the perfect mattress and are sleeping like babies! In case you guys are still mattress hunting, we both sleep very well on both the Casper and the Leesa mattresses. We have not found either mattress to sleep hot. The Kiss mattress also sleeps cool but Justin and I did not find it to be supportive enough. If you have any further questions, we recently posted an update post that you might find helpful. Best of luck!

      • Thanks for responding and, yes, we do have our new baby boy! He turned 1 month old yesterday.

        We ended up getting the Casper in king size and are pretty in love with it. The only part we are dealing with heat during these warmer than average last few weeks are the sheets and not the part of our bodies that lay on the mattress itself. I’m not looking forward to how hot this year is looking like it will be.

        We considered also giving the Leesa a chance and then going back to the Casper if we didn’t like it during that trial period, but we’re happy enough with this that I doubt we’ll be worrying about if there is a better mattress out there for a while.

        • Awww, that is great! I’ll bet you guys are busy yet having tons of fun! 🙂

          I am so excited to hear that you guys found a mattress that y’all LOVE! Hmmmm… Justin and I had some heat issues with our sheets as well… I vow only to get 100% cotton sheets as I feel like they breathe the best. I bought some from Ross and although they were 100% cotton, they were quite thick and heavier than the sheets we were used to sleeping with. All that being said, I was able to find our favorite brand, Tahari Home, and it makes such a difference. They are kind of hard to find but Home Goods and Marshall’s are good places to look for them. I’m not sure what kind of other bedding you guys sleep with but a 100% cotton quilt also helps keep us comfortable but cool. I feel like I hit the jackpot and found a Tahari Home quilt as well. Our bed now feels so cozy and the sheets nor the quilt make noise when we move. Anyhow, totally my two cents if you guys are at all interested! We are all about comfort over here! 🙂

  • Stephanie
    4 years ago

    Hello! I watched your two videos on the 3 different beds you reviewed and I was writing to see if you had a final thought on which bed you liked the best? 🙂

    • Hello Stephanie!

      We are working our way to a final conclusion but haven’t bit the bullet quite yet. We hope to decide soon and will post an update on here when we do. Best of luck mattress shopping! 🙂

  • I stumbled across your reviews while debating my latex/foam bed purchase. I love that you are showing the side by side comparison of the Leesa and Casper. I was leaning toward the Leesa but the firmness of the top is keeping me from ordering. As a side sleeper I need a lot of give to not feel the pressure ( I also have Fibromyalgia) and not sure if Leesa will give enough. Brooklyn Bedding is one that is on my list since they come in a soft version, but maybe too soft. I’m hoping you review the Kiss bed soon since I still can’t decide and wondering since you said Kiss comes in a plush version maybe it would be soft enough but supportive like the Leesa. Decisions Decisions…

    • Hi Sarah! Yes, so many decisions! I hope you are able to find the perfect bed for you! 🙂

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