Lean Yoga

Happy Thursday!

Strive Here’s newest yoga routine will tone and lengthen your muscles. Prepare yourself for 3 types of poses.

1. Strength building poses to tone and increase muscle strength.
2. Power poses to burn calories.
3. Lots of stretches to elongate those muscles.

Are you ready?

Workout #63
-34 minutes

-cat/cow stretch
-arm/leg extension
-wheel push-ups
-downward dog
-runner’s pose/crescent pose/straighten leg with arms behind back
-warrior 1
-reverse warrior
-warrior 2
-triangle pose
-reverse triangle pose
-hamstring stretch
-roll back
-plank jump forward and back x-legs
-bow pose
-quad stretch
-long body stretch
-spinal twist
-wide legged stretch
-arm/shoulder stretch


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