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How was your Thursday? Mine was good! I filmed today’s workout and also tomorrow’s yoga video. Additionally, I met Justin to play volleyball after he got off work. Kind of chilly since the high here is only 69 degrees, but fun! I realize I am a total wuss when it comes to cold weather, especially compared to those of you that live up north. Even though temperatures in the low 70’s feel cold to me, I enjoy the cold weather. It energizes me and I love wearing leggings and boots and sleeping with big fluffy blankets at night. Having smooth hair due to the lack of humidity is also a plus. 🙂 Additionally, cold weather gets me in the holiday spirit. Anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family is so much fun! What are your favorite cold weather things?

I had a request for another ballet workout that is a bit more fitness based. I planned it last week, filmed it today and it is ready to work your muscles! The video is 30 minutes long and includes 10 exercises that target the legs, butt, core and arms. I originally planned to include 15 exercises in today’s workout (I voice this at the beginning of the video) but cut 5 out at the last minute so I could keep the video around 30 minutes long (lengthy videos take forever to upload to YouTube). The exercises cut from today’s video will be included next time I film a ballet workout. Take off your shoes and get ready to tone your body with moves that recruit muscles you never even knew you had!

Workout #35
-30 minutes total
-10 exercises
-20-60 reps of each exercise

1) regular calf raises- 30 reps/hold at top for 10 seconds
2) toes turned in calf raises- 30 reps/hold at top for 10 seconds
3) toes turned out calf raises- 30 reps/hold at top for 10 seconds
4) parallel plie- 30 reps/hold deep position for 30 seconds
5) hand and knee leg extension- 30R 30L/30 second hold each side
6) seated dainty leg lift- 30R 30L
7) side lying passe leg lift- 30R 30L
8) kneeling side hinge (alternating sides)- 60 reps total
9) reverse plank tricep dip- 30 reps
10) ballerina abs- 20 reps

Watch the video for a complete workout that will tone and lengthen the muscles in 30 minutes. Feel free to complete more than once if desired.


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