Limber Up Stretch Routine

Hello all!

Specifics regarding stretching such as when to stretch, what types of stretches to do and how long to perform each stretch are quite controversial. I like to warm-up by doing some light exercises and dynamic stretches (arm huggers, leg swings, jog in place, butt kicks, jumping jacks, etc.) before I start to exercise. After my workout I perform a quick cool down and like to wrap things up with some static stretching. I will also use a foam roller if my muscles are extra tight or sore. This is what works best for me and is not based on any scientific evidence. I find that when I do not take the time to stretch after a workout, my muscles get extremely tight and my range of motion decreases affecting me negatively in my future workouts.

Do you include stretching in your workout routine? If so, what works best for you?

If you include or would like to include stretching as part of your workout, use today’s video to stretch out tight tired muscles.

Workout #43
-18 minute stretch routine

Follow the video to release tension and increase flexibility after your workout.


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