Mood Boosting Yoga

Hello and happy first day of spring!

It sure is acting like spring here in Texas. Sunshine, a temperature hovering around 70 degrees, a clear sky, and little to no wind. On days like today, I love to open the windows to let the sun and fresh air pour in. I also enjoy the many bird chirps that float through my window. Just perfect!

Although the nice weather has already done wonders for my mood, I filmed Mood Boosting Yoga and it really sent my mood through the roof! Want to join me in my happy state? Give Mood Boosting Yoga a try. 🙂

Workout #58
-43 minutes

Included Poses
-forward bend
-tree pose
-tree pose with arched back
-dancer’s pose
-upward dog
-downward dog
-downward dog x-legs
-crescent pose
-warrior 1
-warrior 2
-reverse warrior
-camel pose
-cat/cow stretch
-pigeon pose
-bow pose
-bridge pose
-reclined hero’s pose
-recline bound angle pose
-spinal twist
-hamstring stretch
-legs up wall


2 Responses to “Mood Boosting Yoga

  • I’m gonna need this yoga because it’s still freezing cold where I am

    • Ahhh, I can’t imagine! Hopefully the yoga routine will help and that you can also find some beauty in your cold day. Sending warm thoughts your way! 🙂

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