Move It Monday – Arm Toning Yoga

Happy Monday!

Are your arms as toned as you would like them to be? I’ve got to be honest you guys, lately I have not been working my arms as much as I should. Read: I have been avoiding arm focused workouts because they are toward the bottom of my favorites list. 🙁 As a result, I wish my arms were a bit more toned. You get what you work for, right?

When trying to plan today’s workout, I felt like I was ramming my head into a wall. In an effort to rescue my noggin, I decided to film without a plan and you know what, it was a lot of fun and turned out to be a great workout! Cheers for going with the flow and sore arms!



Workout #80
-35 minutes

1) plank
2) plank jump in/ out/ in/ back
3) push-up
4) chaturanga
5) upward dog
6) crow pose
7) hip flexor stretch
8) hamstring stretch
9) runner’s pose
10) crescent pose
11) warrior 1
12) warrior 2
13) plank alternating shoulder touch
14) camel pose
15) cat/cow stretch
16) side plank
17) child’s pose
18) locust pose
19) bow pose
20) cobra pose
21) bridge
22) ending stretches


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