Move It Monday – Stop Drop and Hop Yoga

Hey guys and Happy Monday!

While Strive Here’s Fit For the Holidays Series is still in action, here is an additional zippy yoga bit to add to your day. If you are interested, of course! To participate simply stop whatever you are doing, drop into downward dog and hop off of your feet into the air! Try to complete 10 hops at a time and feel free to stop, drop and hop as often as you’d like! The more you do so, the stronger you will get! 🙂 I’d love to know, is this something you might try?

Have a great day and I will talk to you all soon!


Stop Drop and Hop Yoga
-10 hops as often as you’d like throughout the day

1) downward dog
2) frog hops


2 Responses to “Move It Monday – Stop Drop and Hop Yoga

  • Hi Kylie! 🙂
    So, I didn’t know about this post until now – and it’s a little bit late here for some dropping and hopping 😀 But I will definitely try it tommorow, it sounds like fun 🙂
    I so envy you the weather you have in Texas! Here in Jeseníky it’s freezing cold outside + we are still without snow (it’s only at higher altitudes), which makes it even worse 😀
    PS: I did your “standing yoga workout” today – my shoulders needed a little bit of rest after a longer sunday’s workout, so this was just perfect! + I’ve managed my first crow pose today. * so proud, she had to tell someone* 😀

    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hi Bára!

      Haha, yeah you don’t want to risk getting all hyped up before bedtime. 😛

      We have been experiencing some super nice weather lately. I am envious of your cold weather though. It doesn’t quite feel like the holidays when it is so warm here. I do hope you guys receive some snow soon, and in the meantime, am going to try to send some warmth and sunshine your way!

      I am glad the Standing Yoga routine fit your needs and WOOHOO that you performed your first crow pose today! Way to go Bára! That is definitely something to be proud of and I am so happy you shared your news with me! 🙂

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