Move It Monday – Vinyasa Yoga For Tight Hips

Hey guys! How are you, and specifically, how are your hips feeling?

I imagine a decent number of you have some tightness in your hips. I experience tightness in both the front and sides of my hips. Generally I don’t notice the tightness until I exercise or try to do a spur of the moment yoga pose without warming up. Just because I am not affected by tight hips all of the time does not mean that I don’t enjoy hip opening poses because I do, oh I SO do!

In most of us, the primary cause of tight hips is sitting for an extended period of time. Picture this: When we are standing, our legs are straight and there is no bend in the hip. Now picture this: When we sit in a chair or in the car, on a plane, or a train (Dr. Suess anyone?), there is a ninety degree angle present between our upper body and lower body (think torso and legs). When this angle exists, our hip flexors are flexed and when a muscle is flexed, it shortens. As with any muscle in our body, when we don’t lengthen the muscle for an extended period of time, the muscle is tight when we finally do so.

All that being said, I think you will all enjoy today’s hip focused flow. It is a bit slower than some of my other videos but definitely digs deep to release tension from your hips. I felt so amazing when I finished the routine and hope that you will too!

Do you have tight hip flexors? If so, what do you do to stretch them out?


P.S. Just a heads up that Buddy is crazy hyper in this video and makes quite a few appearances without being invited. He’s so helpful. 😉

Workout #100
-38 minutes

Included Poses
1) child’s pose
2) downward dog
3) ragdoll
4) squat
5) plank
6) chaturanga
7) upward dog
8) warrior 1
9) warrior 2
10) reverse warrior
11) low lunge
12) crescent lunge
13) modified lizard
14) lizard twist
15) lizard
16) bound angle
17) thread the needle
18) pigeon
19) double pigeon
20) happy baby
21) savasana


2 Responses to “Move It Monday – Vinyasa Yoga For Tight Hips

  • I really needed and enjoyed this today. I started laughing when the cat got playful and brought the toy. My one crazy kitty is the same way during yoga

    • Hi Helen!

      I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed the hip focused yoga video including my helpful kitty! Awww, that is so cute that your cat does the same thing! Thanks for commenting! I always love hearing from you! 🙂

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