Move It Monday – Vinyasa Yoga – Tone and Strengthen Body

Happy Monday and hello! How are you guys? I have missed you all and am happy to be back! 🙂

Today’s 47 minute flow gets you moving and grooving! Get ready to strengthen and tone your muscles while lengthening them at the same time, releasing tension and feeling pretty darn amazing by savasana! There are some fun poses included in today’s workout, do you have a favorite? The two poses that stand out to me in this routine are horse pose and tripod headstand as they are asanas that are fairly new to me. It is always fun to practice a new pose and reap the benefits!

Going forward, I hope to start posting a new workout video each Monday. I look forward to interacting with you guys again, getting fit together and having fun! See you next Monday for another fun workout! 🙂

Have a great week!


Workout #101
-47 minutes

Included Poses
1) forward fold
2) plank
3) chaturanga
4) upward dog
5) downward dog
6) warrior 1
7) warrior 2
8) triangle pose
9) wide legged forward bend
10) tripod headstand
11) pyramid pose
12) twisting triangle
13) horse pose
14) skandasana
15) plank>forearm plank
16) camel pose
17) bridge
18) bridge (one legged, on toes)
19) wheel
20) happy baby
21) supta baddha konasana
22) spinal twist
23) savasana


2 Responses to “Move It Monday – Vinyasa Yoga – Tone and Strengthen Body

  • Great routine, Kylie. I couldn’t do everything, but made modifications where I needed to. LOVED Buddy’s help! 🙂 Lucy isn’t nearly so ‘helpful’.

    • Thank you Pam! 🙂 I am excited that you enjoyed the sequence and were able to modify where needed. Haha, that Buddy! He definitely adds some pizzazz to the video! That’s quite considerate of Lucy to refrain from helping you! 🙂

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