Move It Monday – Yogalates

Happy Move It Monday!

Have any of you ever tried yogalates? If so, what did you think?

If you have yet to try a yogalates workout, give today’s video a go and see what you think. Get ready for some yoga and pilates fun!

See you guys next time!


Workout #74
-41 minutes

1) low squat push-up
2) low squat push-up with fists
3) chair pose leg extension
4) warrior 3 lateral leg extension
5) standing clam shell
6) standing side crunch
7) downward dog/plank/push-up
8) dolphin plank
9) kneeling arm and leg reach
10) roll up #1
11) roll up #2
12) roll up #3
13) leg circles
14) roll like a ball
15) starfish


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