My Walking Dead Escape Experience

I mentioned on Sunday that Justin and I participated in a Walking Dead Escape. I promised a recap so here it goes.

Let me begin by telling you guys that I am quite the 4 year old when it comes to “scary” things. I do not like horror movies, creepy TV shows, or haunted houses. When Justin asked me if I would participate in the Walking Dead Escape with him, my initial response was, “creepy, no thanks.” I thought that would be the end of it but little did I know how much my husband REALLY wanted to get chased by zombies.

After some work on Justin’s part, I agreed to give it a try. In the weeks leading up to the run, I tried to forget about it and did a pretty good job doing so. The day before the race, I was nervous, and the day of the race, I was wishing I could back out. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like the experience but planned to buck up and do it. Haha. Wait until you hear what really happened….

Because part of the run was to be held indoors and part of the run was to be held outdoors, I decided I would wear all black in hopes that I wouldn’t be seen as easily by the zombies. Justin decided he liked my idea and would try to blend in as well.

I didn’t bring my camera with me to the run (I probably would have gotten scared, jumped, dropped it, and lost it), but I do have pictures from strawberry picking before the race.

We arrived at the Walking Dead Escape, signed in, and waited about an hour before we were called to the start line. While waiting for the event to begin, we got a good look at many of the zombies. Although some zombies had pretty amazing makeup and costumes, I determined that they still looked like people and that I could handle this. One exception was a guy with a rubber baby head on. Not cool. Dehumanize yourself and make Kylie’s flight response kick in.

To begin the escape, you are shuffled into a canvas tent with lots of others. A Walking Dead Escape employee says lots of creepy things into a microphone and then a siren starts blaring. Everyone starts freaking out, running forwards, and busting through the tent. On the other side of the tent is where the “fun” begins. Zombies are scattered throughout the path and look much creepier when they are in zombie character. Think limping, dragging feet, dropped heads, and growling. So not a fan of those lovely traits.

Justin promised to do his best to stay between me and the zombies but once I came face to face with them, my adrenaline went through the roof and I just started sprinting. My goal was to avoid getting touched and to make it to the end of the escape as soon as possible. My tactic worked until the course went from outdoors to indoors.

At the end of the outdoor section, there were 2-3 doors in a row. All of them were blocked by zombies. I decided there was no way I was going to get through without getting touched so I freaked and picked the door being guarded by a kid zombie. I attempted to pass through without getting touched but, of course, the kid got me. Luckily, he didn’t have any of the freaky zombie characteristics I mentioned earlier so it wasn’t so bad. I failed to stop and think what might be on the other side of the door. More zombies of course. In addition to more zombies, the inside course was dark and decorated with obstacles. The obstacles left very little running and dodging room. Again, I freaked, ran as fast as I could hoping to by-pass the obstacles without coming into contact with a zombie. I made it through the obstacles but not without being touched by multiple zombies. The more zombies that touched me, the faster I ran and the less I paid attention to where I was going or what I was doing. Additionally, the tears started flowing. Seriously, guys, I cried.

Justin realized that he wouldn’t be able to help me in my crazy state so he was a bit behind me calmly trying to get past the zombies. When he finally caught up, he saw my mental state and had me sit for a bit in an effort to calm me down. Although sitting was nice, we still had to finish the race. Most of the course was roped off with yellow tape so when possible, I ducked under the tape to avoid zombies and obstacles. When walking outside of the course was not an option, I decided I was going to do my best to calmly walk through without looking at zombies or caring if they touched me. This was probably the best thing I did all night. It turns out that if you are not running like a scared cat, you are less enticing for the zombies to chase. Although it was still somewhat creepy, it was definitely a way I could manage to finish the course.

Justin on the other hand had the time of his life. That man was asking zombies to get him, leaning up against walls right next to zombies and whistling, acting like a zombie to blend in (sometimes it worked), and using his football skills to juke zombies out.

Somehow we finally made it to the end of the race and were declared uninfected. I am not sure how because our group of four was touched many times and Justin even managed to receive a zombie hug. Infection or not, I was so glad to be done.

The highlights of the event were watching my husband toy with the zombies and crossing the finish line.

Now you know that I am a total wuss when it comes to scary things. I also cried when visiting a haunted house and vow that I will never go to another one again.

I want to hear from you. Do you like scary experiences? Any funny stories to share with me?


2 Responses to “My Walking Dead Escape Experience

  • thank you for describing this as it is something I have actually wanted to try. Not so sure anymore 🙂
    Reminds me of a time I had to lead my two cousins out of a cheesy haunted house once because they were too scared to move.

    • Haha, no problem!

      Your cousins sound just like me. I was bawling when Justin and I once went to a haunted house. Luckily the employees were nice enough to turn the lights on and lead us out. I will NEVER go to one again. 😛

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