Have any of you guys heard that the Casper mattress is new and improved? The current Casper is not the same as the Casper mattress that we purchased two years ago. One of the biggest changes is that the mattress is now composed of four foam layers rather than the original three. The differences do not stop there. Continue reading to find out how the current Casper mattress differs from the original Casper and what we think of the new product.

Mattress Cover
The old Casper and the new Casper have very similar mattress covers. Both are white, soft, stretchy on top and made with durable tweed material on the sides. Like the original Casper mattress, the new Casper has cording around the edges. This was something that Justin was not fond of when sleeping on our twin sized Casper mattress but has not found it to be bothersome on our king sized Casper as his feet no longer hang over the edge! 😉

Casper 1.0
The inner cover on the first generation Casper is like a fitted bottom sheet as it covers the top and sides of the mattress, cupping around the bottom edges without covering the entire thing. See the bottom of the mattress in the photo below.

Casper 2.0
The new Casper mattress has a new inner cover! We are pleased about this as it is much nicer than the cover that encased the original Casper. The new cover is double layers of a fitted sock like material and completely covers and protects the entire mattress. We cut open the edge of ours to be able to explore the foam layers for ourselves.

Air Flow
Another mattress feature that Casper worked to improve is air flow. The original Casper mattress has holes of various sizes drilled into the top to allow air to circulate while you are lying on the mattress. The top layer of the new Casper mattress also has holes drilled into the top, but like the inner cover, they are new and improved! I imagine that you have heard the saying, “bigger is better.” That seems to be the case for the new Casper as the holes in the top layer are much larger than the holes in the first generation mattress. Justin and I have not slept hot on either version of the mattress. Check out the photos below to see the difference in the hole sizes as it is quite significant.

Casper 1.0

Casper 2.0

Foam Layers
Ahhh, the foam layers! As I mentioned above, this area of the new Casper mattress is quite different from the original. Get the details and the visual representation below:

Casper 1.0
The original Casper mattress is made up of three layers; 7 inches of dense base foam, 1.5 inches of 4 pound high density memory foam, and 1.5 inches of dunlop latex foam. The photo from 1/22/15 shows that the total foam height is roughly 9.25 inches. As of 1/18/17 the mattress measures 9.5 inches tall.

Casper 2.0
Casper 2.0 consists of four foam layers; 5 inches of durable support foam, 1.5 inches of adaptive transition foam, 1.5 inches of responsive memory foam and 1.5 inches of open cell foam. The mattress stands 9.5 inches tall. Find the purpose of each layer listed below:

  • Durable Support Foam- strengthens the comfort layers and provides long lasting durability
  • Adaptive Transition Foam- distributes weight evenly to provide comfort
  • Responsive Memory Foam- high density memory foam that provides pressure relief
  • Open Cell Foam- breathable layer that keeps you cool and provides bounce

Although the mattresses have different top layers, we did not notice that they sleep different temperature wise.

As many of you probably know, it is quite difficult to portray the feel of a mattress through words on a computer screen. That being said, I am going to try to do the best I can to give you an idea of what to expect before you click the ADD TO CART button.

The old Casper mattress felt very different to Justin than it felt to me. I loved how the top layer cradled all the curves in my body, especially my lower back while the lower firm layers provided plenty of support. On the other hand, Justin felt like he sank through the top layer which left him feeling like he was sleeping on a hard surface rather than having a cloud like experience.

The new Casper mattress reminds Justin very much of the Leesa mattress. He sleeps supported and reports that he feels much more like he is sleeping on a cloud than he did on Casper 1.0. Why? He no longer sinks through the top layer! I also sleep well on the new Casper mattress. I feel less like I am sleeping on a fluffy cloud and more like a firm cloud (is there such a thing? :-)). The firm cloud has some plushness to it and still provides support to the small of my back. Both of us sleep great on the new Casper!

The above information is based on our personal opinions. We performed a sinkage test on each mattress to give you something a bit more scientific. The eight pound weight, Justin’s body weight and my body weight all sank slightly further, within an 1/8th of an inch, on the original Casper mattress.

  • 8 pound weight- Casper 1.0 sank further
  • Kylie’s bodyweight (120 pounds)- Casper 1.0 sank further
  • Justin’s bodyweight (185 pounds)- Casper 1.0 sank further

Every mattress we have unboxed had an initial smell. Both Casper mattresses were no exception but neither smelled strong nor did the smell last long.

Motion Transfer
If you are looking for a bed so as not to disturb your sleeping partner, the Casper is a great option. Both versions of the mattress have very little motion transfer. Justin does NOT turn over lightly or get into bed gently and I have never woken up as a result of either action while sleeping on a Casper mattress.

We have had a difficult time agreeing on a mattress that we both like and I am happy to say that we both really like the new Casper. The changes that Casper made to their mattress are Justin and Kylie approved. 😉 As of 2/1/17, it is currently at the top of our joint favorite mattress list.

Do you have experience with either Casper mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress(s)? Send your questions our way! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

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For those of you interested in the tiniest of details. Check out the mattress tags below.

Casper 1.0

Casper 2.0

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  • Thanks for this comparison! How does the Caspar 2.0 compare to the Eve? You said the 1.0 was less firm and transfers more motion than the Eve, is that still the case with the 2.0?

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! The Casper 2.0 and the Eve are very different. Since the Eve is a memory foam mattress, it does an amazing job of minimizing motion transfer. That being said, the Casper 2.0, as well as the other foam mattresses we have reviewed, are a huge step above the typical innerspring mattress when it comes to motion transfer.

  • Now that you’ve slept on the Casper for a while, do you have any additional thoughts?

    • We still like the Casper mattress and find the new version to be quite similar to the Leesa mattress. We have plans to revisit the Casper mattress as it is nice to circle back through mattresses after having slept on new brands.

      • Kylie, Thank you for your review comparing tthe Caspers. I think it is the best one I’ve seen on the Internet. I tried the Leesa for 100 days and decided it was a little too dense for me. I have spent one night on the Casper 2.0 and I am waiting to see how I react to it. Since I am about the same size as Justin, I hope I will have a similar reaction. Has he decided whether he likes Casper 2.0 or Leesa better?

  • We have the older version of the Casper. I think it feels great, maybe just a little firm. But my partner thinks it’s too hard so I bought two twin feather beds to put on top of the mattress. They had a down top layer and were too hot for me so I gave mine up, and he kept his. Of course it leaves the bed looking unbalanced!
    I see Target has a Casper topper for catering to dorm students but thought I might try one of those. I can’t find anywhere what they are made of and whether they would be too hot. But they also carry the 100 night trial so think it is worth trying.

    • Hi Dana,

      Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you and your partner have similar thoughts to Justin and me regarding the first Casper mattress. I did not realize that Target has Casper toppers. It looks like the topper is 42% polyurethane foam and 58% memory foam while the cover is polyester and viscose. That is nice that the topper comes with a 100 night trial so that if the temperature does not suit your needs, you can return it. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  • Do you use the foundation?

    • Hello, Pamela! We have not tried the foundation. Our mattress is simply on the floor.

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