Pre-Workout Dynamic Warm-Up

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Today’s video is a quick 7 minute warm up to get your blood flowing and warm up your muscles to prepare your body for exercise. Warming up before a workout is a great habit to have. Check out five important reasons to warm-up below.

5 Important Reasons to Warm-Up

  1. Increased blood flow.
  2. Increased muscle temperature.
  3. Increased flexibility.
  4. Promotes sweating.
  5. Mental preparation.

Increased blood flow to the muscles, increases muscle temperature and muscle pliability. Warm muscles are much less likely to overstretch or tear than cold muscles. In addition to warming up the muscles, increased blood flow is also important because the blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. Additional oxygen and nutrients prevent the muscles from tiring quickly.

While sweating can sometimes be annoying, we all know that sweat is an important bodily function. We sweat to release excess heat from our body to cool it down. Sweating by the end of your warm-up is beneficial in preventing the body from overheating during your workout.

Warm-ups are great for preparing one mentally. They allow a person time to get in the correct mindset, improve focus and get excited and motivated.

Give today’s dynamic warm-up a try and begin your next workout with a body that is ready to help you take your fitness to the next level!

Workout #33
-7 minute warm-up
-12 exercises

Complete the video to get the blood pumping and muscles warm before your workout.


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