Push-Up Challenge


I hope all is well!

I have a push-up challenge for you guys today. Push-ups are a great exercise to challenge your entire body. By performing push-ups, you will strengthen your muscles and boost your metabolism. Although push-ups predominantly work the upper body, they also work your core, back and even your thighs. Regular push-ups target the chest, close push-ups focus on the triceps and wide push-ups target the shoulders. The one legged push-up variation is great for strengthening the legs by increasing the work they are required to do.

I challenge you to complete 20 repetitions of each push-up variation listed below. Yes, I realize that adds up to 100 push-ups in one day. While it is a difficult challenge, it sounds a lot harder than it actually is.

You have a couple of options:
1) Complete 10 reps of each variation along with the video for one round. Watch the video again for round two.
2) Complete 10 reps of push-ups at various times throughout the day. Example: when you wake up, before you head to work, when you get to work, mid morning, before lunch, mid afternoon, before you head home from work, when you get home, before bed.

In addition to the options above, please note that it is perfectly fine to modify the push-ups by going down on your knees. If you watch the video, you will see that I did some of my close push-ups this way. As long as you keep your core tight and ensure that you are allowing your arms to do most of the work, you will still get a great workout. If you choose the second option, breaking up the push-ups into sets of 10 lets you look at one set at a time rather than becoming overwhelmed by a large number. Give it a try. I think you will be surprised by how many push-ups you are capable of doing! 🙂

Workout #34
-5 exercises
-20 reps of each exercise total for one round/10 reps of each exercise if you are doing two rounds

1) regular push-up
2) close push-up
3) wide push-up
4) one legged push-up (R)
5) one legged push-up (L)

Watch the video to learn how to do each variation and complete one round. Watch again to complete round two or do on your own. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired!


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