Rejuvenating Yoga

Happy happy Friday!

I hope all of you have had a great week and are looking forward to this weekend. While Justin and I loved visiting with family and friends the past three weekends (we had so much fun), we are looking forward to a relaxed weekend at home. We have plans to check out the farmer’s market (which is supposed to have a pumpkin patch this weekend) and carve pumpkins. I am quite excited about both of those activities. 🙂

After filming and posting yesterday’s workout, I filmed today’s yoga routine so that I could make sure it uploaded in time to post today rather than early tomorrow morning. Thankfully things went as planned and I have an early post for you. I had been itching to get outside yesterday for a leisurely run and made it outside shortly before it got dark. I was a bit amped from Workout 26 Rejuvenating Yoga and running out of daylight so I opted to run 10 short sprints.

The sprints further energized me and I was able to quickly throw together a stir fry for dinner. In place of rice, I used quinoa and bulgur and really enjoyed the change of pace. Yum! I will get the recipe up soon.

Let’s move on to today’s workout. Naming a workout is usually one of the last things I do, often spending too much time on the task. Justin and I were talking last night and I told him how rejuvenated I felt after filming today’s workout. He said, “there’s your name, rejuvenating yoga.” Perfect! Thank you Justin.

Today’s yoga sequence is 30 minutes long. It begins and ends with stretching and is pretty fast paced with deep breathing in between. Give it a try and see if you feel as rejuvenated as I did!

Have a great weekend!

Workout #26
-30 minutes
-Many poses
-No intervals

Follow the video for a 30 minute yoga workout.


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