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My favorite mattress name thus far, Silk and Snow! Smooth, soft, plush and luxurious come to mind. Silk and Snow is incredibly innovative, supportive and cozy.


Mattress Cover

The Silk and Snow mattress is encased in a plush white cover. The cover is interlaced with silver to help prevent the presence of unwanted bacteria. Who doesn’t love being clean?! Silk and Snow makes it even easier to sleep clean with their thoughtfully designed mattress cover. Zip off the top and throw it in the wash. Putting the cover back on is just as simple. Check out our review video for a demonstration.


Foam Layers

The Silk and Snow mattress is a 10 inch mattress made up of 3 foam layers.

  • Top Layer: 2 inches of 4 pound density memory foam- comfort layer- cool consistent sleep surface.
  • Middle Layer: 2 inches of 2.7 pound density responsive high performance foam- transition layer- pressure relief and motion isolation.
  • Bottom Layer: 6 inches of 1.8 pound density foam- bottom layer- strength, support and structure.

Ahhhh, now for my favorite part! After unzipping the outer cover, Justin cut open the fire sock to allow us to examine the foam layers. Check out the photos below!



Like each other mattress we have unboxed, the Silk and Snow mattress had an initial odor. The smell has not been an issue for us and has faded over time.

Motion Transfer

I have yet to run across a person who is looking for a mattress that transfers motion. The Silk and Snow does a great job of minimizing motion transfer. Justin comes to bed after me and I get up before him and neither one of us feels the other getting into or out of bed. Justin is not necessarily the best at easing into bed either. The Silk and Snow definitely has his back. 😉

Sleep Data

We used two sleep trackers to gather data while sleeping on the Silk and Snow mattress. The Eight Sleep tracker for both of us plus the ResMed S+ for Justin. See our sleep scores below.

Eight Sleep tracker:
Justin: 73.59 out of 100
Kylie: 71.24 out of 100

Resmed S+ (Justin): 83.06 out of 100

The values are average scores after sleeping on the mattress for 4 weeks. These values will become more useful as we continue to track our sleep on other mattresses. We are looking forward to comparing values from mattress to mattress.

Do you have experience with the Silk and Snow mattress? If so, what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂


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  • What is the score now with the sleep trackers? Please update

    • Hello Maria,

      After using the sleep trackers for an extended period of time, we concluded that sleep scores are subjective. For example, if I stay up late, I automatically get a lower sleep score even though I might have slept just fine, simply for a shorter period of time. Additional sleep score influences are eating a heavy meal before going to bed, having sore muscles, being sick or having an animal disrupt your sleep. All of these things have nothing to do with the quality and comfort of the mattress. For this reason, we decided that sleep scores are not a good representation of mattress comfort/quality. I hope you found a bed that you love and are sleeping wonderfully. 🙂


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