The Time Yoga Saved My Husband’s Day

Alright guys, let me tell you about the time yoga saved my husband’s day. I’m going to jump back two Mondays ago. Justin and I went into town to see Christmas lights at the zoo. Such fun! I wish I had pictures to share but we were so enamored by the lights that we took a total of 3 blurry photos. The Zoo Lights were great and we even got to see my favorite zoo animal, the giraffe. It was a great night! When we got home, it was around 10PM. Parking spaces at our apartment fill up quickly in the evening and this held true on that particular December night. Anxious to get into our warm home, I decided to park in an area bordered by a wooden fence. I was once informed by the apartment office that the area was created for a recycle bin but that the original plan was not being carried out. Additionally, I had seen lots of people park in these two spots many times. My husband was less than thrilled with my decision and suggested I move my car the next morning. Being the responsible person I am, I agreed and then forgot to move my car on Tuesday.

Come Wednesday morning I headed out to my car and was presented a lovely piece of paper tucked into the border of my window. Great, I thought to myself and started to panic a little bit. Okay, maybe a lot. First of all, I got a ticket. Second, I could have prevented this from happening if I would have parked in the back and walked a little further through the cold. I mean, really Kylie? Third, my husband was not going to be very happy about this, especially when he suggested that I move my car on Tuesday morning. The tears tried to make their way onto my face but I simply didn’t have time for them as I was on my way to yoga and pressed for time. I hopped into the car, turned on Taylor Swift and thought about my situation. Unfortunate, stupid, lazy, life. Since yoga is only a 10-minute drive, I didn’t have much time to deliberate over my ticket. I ran inside, rolled out my mat and vowed to be fully present and deal with my situation after class, knowing that yoga would help me to calm down and give me the ability to think rationally.

I was able to stay fully present in my practice and enjoy a wonderful hour and fifteen-minute class. It didn’t take long for the ticket to pop back in my head after class but this time I felt a sense of control and acceptance. How did yoga save my husband’s day? If I hadn’t been on my way to yoga, I likely would have overreacted to the situation, allowing my emotions to take over and call my husband in tears. He is a great man and always does his best to comfort me, but a crying wife, while he is trying to work, is about as helpful as a car that doesn’t drive.

Can yoga save your day or the day of someone near and dear to you? Absolutely! Practicing yoga in a time of stress is a great way to focus on the present and to come to terms with life whether you are experiencing good things or are in a less desirable situation.

Side Note: I learned to park in safe spaces. Period, end of story. I did not make a wise decision and there is no reason why I should have parked where I did. So while my yoga practice saved my husband from a crying wife, his day could have been even better if I hadn’t gotten a ticket. Maybe next time I will practice yoga with him before sharing the undesirable news. 😉

Can any of you guys think about a time where yoga saved your day? Or the day of someone close to you?


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  • I took a long break from yoga and exercise in general but now that I’ve started it back up, I can truly feel the calming effect- especially two days ago when my entire day felt like a challenge.

    hopefully we can hang onto this good feeling throughout 2015

    • Hi Helen!

      Sometimes we need a break! I hope you enjoyed yours and are excited to be back at it! 🙂 I am thrilled to hear that the relaxing effects of yoga were able to carry over into your daily life. It sounds like you handled things well but I hope your day ended on a good note.

      Yes! I hope we can hang onto this awesomeness through 2015!

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