Justin and I were given the opportunity to try out the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. The mattress comes in two variations, medium firm and medium soft. We received the medium soft mattress and, after sleeping on it for 29 days, have good things to share. 😀


Mattress Cover

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress comes fitted with a soft white cover. Sleeping with your feet hanging off the bed can be just as comfortable as sleeping with your feet on the bed as the edges of the Tomorrow Sleep cover are smooth. No cording to be found! Justin LOVES this quality in a mattress! The cover is stretchy and quickly bounces back to its original shape.

Underneath the outer cover, you will find a fitted inner cover encasing the foam layers of the mattress. We cut our inner cover open to get an up close and personal look.


Foam Layers

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a 10 inch mattress made up of 3 foam layers and pocketed coils. Justin and I are still amazed that a mattress with coils can come in the same size box as a mattress that is solely foam.

  • Top Layer: 1 inch of viscoelastic memory foam with phase change material
  • Middle Layer: 2 inches of airy comfort foam with gel
  • Coil Layer: 6 inch high carbon steel coils
  • Bottom Layer: 1 inch base foam layer

Now for the fascinating part, inside the mattress!



The Tomorrow Sleep mattress had an odor at the time of unboxing. After giving the mattress time to air out, a full day with the windows open and box fans turned on, the smell was no longer an issue.

Motion Transfer

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a good option if you are looking to minimize motion transfer. The presence of coils in addition to the foam gives the mattress a bit more bounce than those mattresses without coils. That being said, neither Justin or I are disturbed by motion transfer from the other during the night.

Sleep Data

In addition to the mattress, Tomorrow Sleep has their very own sleeptracker monitor. Justin and I had a pleasant experience with the monitor. You can see our sleep scores below. If you are interested in more sleeptracker details, check out our Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor Review.

Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor:
Justin: 76.72 out of 100
Kylie: 75.62 out of 100

The values are average scores after sleeping on the mattress for 29 days. These values will become more useful as we continue to use this sleep tracker to track our sleep on other mattresses. We are looking forward to comparing values from mattress to mattress.

Do you have experience with the Tomorrow Sleep mattress? If so, which variation do you have and what are your thoughts regarding the mattress? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂

*We vow to only post honest product reviews, expressing our unbiased thoughts and feelings about a product. All opinions are our own.

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