Justin and I were given the opportunity to try out the Tomorrow sleeptracker monitor. The product comes in two variations, one person, and two person. Justin and I have the two person system and love that we can be tracked by the same monitor!

The system is small and unobtrusive and a breeze to set up, taking Justin less than 15 minutes! Sleeptracker has a nice setup video to aid you in the process. This monitor fits the “set and forget” classification. After setting up the sleeptracker, we did not have to think about the monitor or make any adjustments to ensure that it was working properly.

The system is made up of one or two sensors and a hub. The sensors go underneath the mattress, above the box springs if you have them, where your head falls on your pillow. I love the positioning of the sensors as I forget that we are using a system to track our sleep. Out of sight, out of mind! The hub goes somewhere at the head of the mattress.

Data is delivered through the Sleeptracker app and also each day in an email. We have had a pleasant experience with the app as it is smooth, detailed and polished. You can expect to receive insight into your breathing pattern, heart rate, movement and sleep stages. If you have one, you can integrate the monitor with your Alexa.

We really like the Tomorrow Sleeptracker Monitor and would recommend the system to others who are looking to learn more about their sleep quality.

Do you have experience with the Tomorrow sleeptracker monitor? If so, what are your thoughts? Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions! We will do our best to answer! 🙂


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