Tone It Tuesday – Full Body Yoga Flow Workout

Happy Tuesday!

Today is a beautiful day! The temperature was a crisp 55 degrees this morning and although it is already 1:15 in the afternoon, it still feels great outside at 75 degrees. I LOVE days like this as I enjoy turning off the air conditioning and opening up the windows. There is something about fresh air blowing in that instantly boosts my mood and allows me to enjoy nature at moments when I am not able to be outside. Anyone else enjoy windows open kind of days? Seriously, guys, I am so happy and thankful for this weather! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 🙂

*If you watch the video, I mention how the weather is super dark and rainy. I filmed yesterday and typed up the post today, accounting for different weather. I so need to get on the same page! 😉

If you are able and interested, take today’s workout outdoors and enjoy the sun kissing your skin, the fresh air nourishing your body and the wind in your hair. Strive to be fully present as you complete your routine by focusing on your breath and your body. Breathe in through the nose and also out through the nose. Pay attention to how each pose feels. If you find some tight spots, inhale into them, really surrounding them with your breath and then let go of the tightness as you exhale. If at anytime during your practice, you find your mind wandering with things such as work, your to do list, etc., take a moment and refocus on your breath.

I hope you enjoy this routine and that you have an amazing day!!!


Workout #95
-32 minutes

1) child’s pose
2) downward dog
3) ragdoll
4) upward dog
5) plank
6) chaturanga
7) warrior 1
8) warrior 2
9) crescent lunge with hands clasped
10) warrior 1 with shoulder inside of leg
11) warrior 2 cow face arms
12) reverse warrior
13) extended side angle
14) happy baby
15) corpse pose


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