Tone It Tuesday – Leg Toning Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

Happy Tuesday!

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I spent all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Yoga Teacher Trainin.! We practiced a lot and were able to spend time outside in the gorgeous weather.

Although I taught yoga for 2 years, I was able to do so with a personal training certification and knowledge gained from my own practice. I am thrilled to have started the journey that will lead me to become a certified teacher!

On a side note, the studio that I am training at just finished up a 21 Day Yoga Challenge. After three days of training, I already had three consecutive days of yoga under my belt. I figured since I was a seventh of the way through 21 days, that I would do my own 21 day challenge. Today is day 5 and I have plans to take a class this evening. Day 1 was the hardest day for me as it was the first day of training and we practiced twice. My body was screaming and my head was telling me that I wasn’t capable of doing such things. Luckily after dragging myself through my yoga workout the following day, I started feeling less tired. Day 3 was even better as my body felt stronger and my brain started believing that I could do this. Even though I am only 4 days in, this challenge has done wonders for me mentally as I feel like I am able to do whatever I’d like and my body will back me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you are the slightest bit interested in attempting your own 21 day challenge, I’d say GIVE IT A TRY! It may be hard at first and totally test your body both physically and mentally, but like me, I think you will be glad you did it as early as day 3!

If you decide to participate in the challenge, today’s video is perfect for day 1! It is a yoga routine that includes a large number of poses that heavily recruit your leg muscles. In addition to working the legs, you will also work all other areas of your body.

Enjoy and let me know if you decide to take the 21 Day Challenge. I’d love to offer support and hold each other accountable! 🙂


Workout #94
-23 minutes

1) chair
2) forward bend
3) chair lift and lower
4) pyramid
5) airplane
6) crescent
7) crescent tuck and lengthen leg
8) standing split
9) upward dog
10) downward dog
11) plank
12) chaturanga


3 Responses to “Tone It Tuesday – Leg Toning Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

  • Colleen
    5 years ago

    Thanks for this workout Kylie! I love how your yoga videos flow. This was a fun one, plus I love working the lower body. Your cat was so cute! I would love to do a 21 day challenge! 🙂

    • Hi Colleen!

      Thanks so much for your comment! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the video and that it was right up your alley regarding lower body work!

      I am so excited to hear that you are interested in doing a 21 Day Yoga Challenge! I am on day 10 today and practiced for an hour each day up until yesterday where I only practiced for 5 minutes. I felt a little lame at first but decided that it was totally okay to scale it down a bit after 8 very strong days. Let me know how the challenge goes for you!! 🙂

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