Total Body Resistance Training


Perform 3 round of today’s workout and finish feeling satisfied that you worked your entire body and boosted your metabolism. In and out superman and x-abs are my favorite exercises in this bunch. Although both exercises are challenging, they are fun and I can feel them working as I am doing them. If you give this workout a go, tell me, what are your favorite exercises? Are there any specific exercises that you like that you haven’t seen me perform on Strive Here? I am always up for new suggestions! šŸ™‚

Workout #45
-3 rounds
-7 exercises
-repetition based

1) reverse bent leg lift- 40 reps (20R 20L)
2) bicep curl shoulder press- 15 reps
3) wide sumo squat- 20 reps
4) in and out superman- 20 reps
5) tricep kickback- 30 reps (15R 15L)
6) x-abs- 20 reps (10R 10L)
7) dumbbell fly chest press- 15 reps

Complete the video for one round. Play video again for round two and three. Feel free to add additional rounds if desired.


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