Work It Wednesday – Fat Burning Body Firming Workout


Do any of you guys like to do handstands? Yes? Awesome! If you haven’t done a handstand since your mom made your lunch and woke you up in the morning, get ready for a blast from the past. Who says you have to stop acting like a kid?

Today’s workout is more than just fun. In 19 minutes you will burn fat, recruit muscles from your childhood, and firm the body from head to toe!

Maybe you can even convince your mom to make your lunch. Just for old times’ sake. 😉

Have a great Wednesday and ride a camel if you so desire!


Workout #81
-19 minutes
-Round 1: 10 reps of each exercise
-Round 2: 15 reps of each exercise
-Round 3: 20 reps of each exercise

1) handstands
2) mountain climbers
3) squats
4) shoulder tap plank
5) mini squats
6) downward dog jump


6 Responses to “Work It Wednesday – Fat Burning Body Firming Workout

  • Hi Kylie. Long time no workout.
    I’ve spent much of the summer outside- running, hiking, biking. I’m curious if there’s a way to create a running inspired workout routine??? There’s a challenge for you 🙂
    hope you are having a marvelous summer.

    • Hi Helen!

      It is great to hear from you! I’m so glad you have been able to enjoy your summer outdoors. Running, hiking and biking sound like lots of fun!

      Ha, yes, definitely long time no workout. I just posted a new video today and plan to start posting again regularly soon.

      As far as a running workout routine, I’m sure I can come up with something. Are you looking for a video type workout or simply a workout routine? Let me know and I will see what I can come up with. 🙂

      Thank you! I hope you are having an amazing summer too!

  • Bethany
    5 years ago

    Great workout!! Loved the shoulder tap planks!
    Also love your outfit and hair in this video! So pretty!! 🙂

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