Work It Wednesday – Firm It Up Yoga

Happy Wednesday!

How is your hump day going thus far? Great, I hope.

I also hope you are in the mood for some yoga. 🙂

Tone and firm your entire body with today’s routine.

My favorite part of the routine is the downward dog knee to nose kick leg up. It definitely gets your heart pumping and there is just something fun about kicking your legs in the air. 🙂

If you complete the routine, please tell me what part was your favorite.

Will you tone your body by kicking your legs in the air today?


Workout #79
-33 minutes

1) plank
2) plank jump
3) downward dog
4) downward dog one leg up
5) knee to nose/ kick leg up
6) warrior 3
7) dancer’s pose
8) standing split
9) eagle pose
10) fish
11) bridge
12) wheel


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