Work It Wednesday – Strong Yogi Yoga

Happy Work It Wednesday Strivers!

If you have 40 hump day minutes to spare, try Strive Here’s Strong Yogi Yoga. A little bit of cardio mixed with various different yoga poses will have you ready to take on the second half of your week.

Talk to you guys soon!


Workout #73
-40 minutes

1) burpees
2) lizard pose
3) chaturanga
4) upward dog
5) downward dog
6) downward dog alternate leg lift
7) runner’s pose
8) crescent pose
9) warrior 1
10) warrior 2
11) reverse warrior
12) right angle pose
13) triangle pose
14) runner’s pose reach forward
15) crescent pose hands together behind back
16) warrior 1 arms up behind body
17) warrior 2 up on toes of front foot
18) reverse warrior straight leg
19) revolved right angle pose
20) revolved triangle pose


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