Work It Wednesday – Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Hey guys!

I hope all of you are having a great November thus far!

The holiday season is such an exciting time of year but can be stressful for those who are planning, cooking, traveling, etc. Practicing yoga or engaging in exercise are great ways to combat stress. Get the body moving with a vinyasa yoga flow. Inhale calm and exhale tightness and stress. If you are anything like me, you will complete your routine feeling clear headed, relaxed and energized.

Give Strive Here’s 99th workout video a try. Yes guys, the next workout video I film will be Strive Here’s 100th workout video!!! How exciting! I would like it to be something special so if you have any ideas you would like to share with me, please send them my way!

Talk to you all soon! 🙂


Workout #99
-26 minutes

1) forward fold
2) halfway lift
3) plank
4) chaturanga
5) upward dog
6) downward dog
7) warrior 1
8) warrior 2
9) reverse warrior
10) extended side angle
11) locust
12) cobra
13) upward dog
14) bridge
15) wheel
16) happy baby
17) lying spinal twist


2 Responses to “Work It Wednesday – Vinyasa Yoga Flow

  • Hi Kylie!
    I had recently discovered your blog and all your videos on youtube and I must say I fell in love with them! I´ve never practised yoga before and bumbed into your channel because of ballet workouts (which I love too, btw 😀 ), but yay, it´s so much fun! It helps me relax a bit after a whole day spent at school and since I don´t have a lot of energy lately, it´s a great alternative for me instead of HIIT from, which I used to do nearly everyday. Plus (especially at weekends) I´m trying to incorporate some cardio in it – not long session, but something is better than nothing, right? 😉 So… I wanted to say “thank you” to you for all of the hardwork, workouts and other stuffs, and for the fact that you smile so often in your videos, which makes my (and I believe not only “my”) day brighter, even when I feel down. Thank you so much 🙂
    Also, to your 100´s video: I was thinking about it, but nothing special came to my mind. BUT I have a few ideas for things I would like to see there, so maybe it could help you:
    – It would be nice to hear something more about you, like: how have you discovered yoga? Are you/ do you want to be an yoga instructor? What about ballet, what are you experiences with it? When have you started with your current lifestyle? How did it change your life?
    – Where do you buy your clothes? They look really comfortable and are super cute 🙂
    – What´s your typical day menu like? (it would be nice to see some photos, maybe even recipes – you´ve such a great figure, I´m sure it would be a nice inspiration for us 🙂 Also, what´s your typical day like? (if it´s not too personal)
    – Is there something you want to achieve (in yoga/life etc.)?
    – Are there some books you would suggest us to read? (which would help us with our workouts/state of mind etc.)
    – Personaly, I really like that some of your videos are shorter, some longer, some fast-paced, some slower… There´s always something you can chose from, even when you´re in a time pressure/want burn some cal/just want to have a nice few minutes only for yourself… Keep it up! 🙂

    Umm… Yeah, I think that´s all. At least I´m not able to remember anything else right now, it´s early morning there (I´m from Czech) and I´m still a little bit sleepy 😀 But again, thank you so much for everything – can´t wait for that 100th workout with you!


    • Hello Bára!

      Thank you SO much for your sweet comment! All of your kind words made my day! 🙂 I am thrilled to hear that you enjoy my workouts and cannot thank you enough for letting me know. You mentioned that my videos brighten your day and I want to let you know that you totally returned the favor by posting this amazing comment. You sound like the sweetest person!

      I LOVE all of your video ideas! I will do my best to make some videos addressing those topics soon.

      Much love to you over in Czechoslovakia!


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