Work It Wednesday – Yoga For Happiness

Happy Wednesday!

Join me for a 20 minute yoga sequence that will leave you feeling GOOD! Today’s sequence includes poses that will open you up making you feel energized and empowered, leaving a smile on your face. As you perform each posture, be mindful of your body, recognizing tight spots and trying to let go of tension, reaching new depths of openness.

Sometimes I feel frustrated when I am in wheel pose. When we perform poses that open up our hearts, we are exposing a part of ourselves that our instincts tend to protect. When I make an effort to let go of my feelings of frustration I am rewarded with a lightness. I am able to deepen my wheel as my chest and shoulders harbor less heaviness. At the end of my practice I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest feeling happy and free.

Is there a particular pose that makes you feel frustrated? If so, what pose and how do you approach it?


Workout #102
-20 minutes

Included Poses
1) cat/cow
2) alternate arm and leg extension
3) downward dog
4) crescent lunge
5) plank
6) locust
7) crescent lunge with arms behind head
8) chaturanga
9) upward dog
10) warrior 2
11) warrior 2 with arms clasped behind back
12) goddess pose
13) camel pose
14) wheel
15) reclined bound angle pose


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